Welcome to the TeamBTS web site of a Veteran Owned business. Since 1997 we’ve been evolving as we change and adapt to changing customer and market needs.

I started working in the business world February 1, 1973 after getting out of the US Navy in November 1972. If one does the math that is over 40 years of experience doing many different things. If you want to learn more visit the About Us page.

Every organization, large or small, has the same core basic needs of technology, marketing and processes. We provide awareness, guidance and support in addressing these needs and tailor our services to your specific requirements.   Some may be short-lived projects, while others may involve long-term planning. Either way, your needs drive the process!

We Turn Your Pain into Gain

Strategic Planning Facilitation
Many times it is easier to see the “bigger picture” if someone else it holding it up. An outside consultant can frequently assist your team in reaching the correct strategic decisions which meet or exceed your objectives. From this work an Action Plan is created which allows you to monitor progress based on plan implementation.

IT Assessment & Budget Plan Development
Many companies start out small and grow, and grow and grow and so does their technology. Frequently there is not overall plan for technology, it just evolves. At some point there is a hodge podge of equipment, wires, servers, switches and workstations and no one really knows what is there or how it works. We can be your temporary Technology Officer and help sort through the evolution and create a plan based on what you have now, what you need and what you need in the future, controlled by your available budget.

Customer Profile Assessment & Market Research
You want to increase the revenue of your business, but realize you don’t want every “Customer Type” you have in your portfolio. We can help you profile your customers to identify what prospective customers to target.

Marketing Plan Assessment & Development
Based upon the research done in the profile we can create a specific marketing plan which fits your budget, timing and staff skills available. No plan will work unless the skills of the staff are included in the process.

Business Planning Sessions, One on One
The marketing plan, in conjunction with a staff skill plan allows us to create a functional business plan.  Not one that sits on the shelf.

Business Process Evaluation and Development
One of the ways to increase profits is to reduce costs. Frequently it is difficult for an internal person to evaluate processes when they are in the trenches every day, living it and doing it. We can be that temporary team to come in and help you identify improved processes that reduce labor costs.

Give us a call anytime at 720-552-6191 and we can arrange a time to meet to see if our services would have value to your organization. I look forward to hearing from you soon.